童年,並沒有自己想像中那樣的生活; 印象中,那里好熱,好多動物,好多樹木;個子細瘦的我連一杯水都沒辦法拿穩。躱在屋里不敢到處走動,因爲開始害怕了。



Melvin Sia Blog 1: Parents divorced

I still remember I had been brought from Singapore to a strange city "Sarawak" after the separation with my mom at 5 years old. I felt insecure, being the language or the people at my surrounding. I was so young, I simply do not know what had happened and why I had to live at such a place where totally strange to me.

When time goes by, I had grown up, I understand that my parents had divorced. It is very difficult for me to meet my mom. I stayed with my grandparents. I became a "kampung boy". I stayed there for 14 years.

My childhood-days were not what I imagined; in my memory, there was humid, had a lot of animals and trees. I was tall and skinny, I could not even hold a glass of water firmly. I cooped myself and dared not moving around because I felt insecure.

The childhood that I wished for is grew up living with my mom in Singapore indeed and kept pace in the changes of the city. To me, it was miserable. I cried for mom every night, a sense of security has gradually disappeared in the darkness ......

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